Effect of 4MAT Cycle on the Academic Achievements of the Students in the Subject of Biology at Secondary Level in Baluchistan


  • Riaz Ahmed Panezai PhD Scholar, Department of Education, International Islamic University Islamabad Author
  • Dr. Azhar Mahmood Associate Professor, Department of Education, International Islamic University Islamabad Author


4MAT Cycle, academic achievements, secondary level, Biology


The purpose of research study is to investigate the effect of 4MAT Cycle on the academic achievements of the biology students at secondary level in Baluchistan. True Experimental Design was selected for the study specifically Pertest Post-test control group design. The study take place in Tehsil Karazat District Pishin. The population size of the study is all the students of the 9th class studding the subject Biology. The sample was drawn using random sampling technique. Two groups were used in the study control and experimental group. 4 MAT Cycle was used in experimental group while traditional lecture method was used in control group. The experiment was lasted for eight weeks. Subject Achievement Test was used as instrument for both the groups in the study. The same test was used as pre-test for both the groups. Research questions was answered using mean and standard deviation. T Test was used and Hypotheses were tested. The same Subject Achievement Test (SAT) with reshuffled version was used after three months to investigate the retention level of the students in both the groups in the subject concern. The major conclusion of the study were to the effect of 4 MAT cycle on students’ academic achievement in biology at secondary level. From the findings it was revealed that the experimental group achieved significantly better in the post-test as compared to the pre-test.



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